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A Sweet Treat

We all experience stressful times in our everyday life. Juggling work & family life and all the thinking and planning we do, sometimes even unconsciously. It just feels like your mind is going to explode or “over bake”.

A Sweet Treat - In the heat of the oven
In the heat of the oven

Baking and icing for me is one of a few things on my list of “What to do when I’m stressed out!” I am by nature a creative individual and this is my creative outlet,  showcasing the beauty of flowers through the form of a traditional favorite – buttercream icing.

A Sweet Treat - 2I am vegetarian and as most other vegetarians would know – going out to buy sweet treat that is vegetarian safe is quite a task, a frustrating one at that. So I am without a doubt pleased to say that all my products are vegetarian safe and tasty enough to satisfy your sweet tooth craving.